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Cost Effective Pay Per Click Network

Advertisers >>> Get keyword targeted clicks at a fraction of the cost of the major engines. Advertise using text and banner ads targeted to nich audience with full control on click rates and budget.

Publishers >>> Get paid up to 95% of advertiser fees. Create stylish and modern ad display units matching your web site or blog deisgn. Display ads related to contents of your website or blog and earn from legitimate clicks sent from your site..

  • Lowest Per Click Costs
  • Highest Payouts
  • High Quality Network
  • Custom Ad Formats
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    Lowest cost highest payouts

    Unlike most larger ad networks we only collect a very small percentage of the ad revenue and pay the rest our to our publishers. As such, this allows us to not only pay our publishers more, but is also keeps the advertisers cost low.

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    Precise targeting

    Our keyword targeted ads show on our publishers web sites, blogs and search engines. Allowing only relevant ads to be shown to potential clients. Publishers can also block unwanted ads from showing on their sites.

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    Easily transfer funds

    Publishers can transfer funds from their publisher account into their advertiser account this way you can use your earnings from your publisher accoount to fund your own adverting campaigns.

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    Detailed real-time reporting

    Both advertisers and publishers have access to advanced real-time reporting. These reports allow one to easily see how their ads are preforming from both a publisher and advistor perspective.

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    Geo targeted advertising

    All ads are targeted based on geo-location of a user's IP address. AdZay! allows you to focus your advertising to a specific region where the business prospects lie. Select which areas of the world you want your ads to show up in.

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    Advanced fraud screening

    AdZay! has advanced real-time fraud detection in place to detect invalid clicks such as, Repetitive Click Tracking, Proxy Click Tracking, Bot Click Tracking, and IP ad serving and click detection.

PPC Advertiser

AdZay! For Advertisers

Adzay! offers advertisers lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than the major ad networks.

Drive customers to your web site

  • Find out how you can reach your target audience using AdZay! advertiser account.
  • PPC Text/Banner Ads served on our network sites and partner websites.
  • Keyword Targeting for your PPC advertisements to reach specific audience.
  • Optimal keyword click bids suggested by system for better serving of your ads.
  • Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows you to advertise to a large community and gain potential visitors to your site.

Using text ads, graphical banners, or inline text ads.
Our service allows you to keyword target your customers.
Easy to use ad designer makes creating your ads simple.

Advertising with AdZay! is cost effective

Pay only if someone visits your web page.
Select keywords relevant to your website or blog.
You set the Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC).

Creating Your Ads
You can create your own pay per click banner or text ads immediately after you register as an advertiser. Create as many ads you would like to create and as many keywords you want to assign for each ad. You can select different click rates for your each keywords. Our click rate optimizer will assist you to select the optimal click rates for you ad keywords.

Displaying Your Ads
Your ads will be displayed our search engines, network websites as well as our publisher websites and their search engines. Your ads will be shown when people search on our network search engines for the same keywords which you have set for your ads.

Cost Effective Advertising
Advertising with AdZay! is cost effective. AdZay! gives you complete control on your monthly expenditure so that you can make sure your marketing expenses are well within your budget limit.

Sign Up Today and get a $50 in free clicks!

*$50 bonus with an initial deposit of $50 or more

PPC Publisher

AdZay! For Publishers

Adzay! offers publishers higher payouts than the major ad networks.

Earn more and get paid faster

  • Learn how to boost your income from your web pages using AdZay! publisher account.
  • Show text/banner ads which are most relevant to your site content.
  • Earn revenue from the clicks you receive on our ads displayed in your pages.
  • Filter out advertisements of your competitors from your ad display units.
  • You can show ads in your content pages as well as search engines.
  • You can use our ad display units along with other ad programs.

Earn up to 95% of advertisers Cost Per Click fees.
Weekly payouts sent via PayPal or Check.

Easy set up and intergration

Our ad wizard maks designing ads for your site easy.
Choose from XML feed, banners, text ads, or inline text ads.
Get set up and have ads running on your site within 5 minutes.

Show ads in your search engine
AdZay! allows you to create specific ad-display code for your search engine. When people search on your search engine, relevant text or banner ads for the search keyword may appear next to the search results.

Publish ads on your content pages
AdZay! works with all types of web pages. AdZay! will automatically identify the content and theme of your web pages and will show relevant ads. Your visitors will find these ads very useful.

Competitive Ad Filter
With AdZay! you may now filter out ads and websites of your competitors. It helps you to prevent from showing up these ads in your ad blocks. You can choose websites to be opted out each and every time you create a new ad unit.

Fast withdrawal with PayPal
Raise request for cash withdrawal when you reach the minimum payout. Your withdrawal will be processed quickly through the secure PayPal gateway.

Sign Up Today and get paid by next week!

Featured Advertisers

  • I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that I have thus far been impressed with the leads we have received in just the last two days. We have gotten 13 leads that with other PPC advertising would have cost us 6-700 bucks a day with this service cost us much less. "

    Tim D.


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